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We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom our Projects would not be possible. We invite you to support these community-minded organisations.

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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities‎​


Are you aged between 18 and 50? Become an Inspired Action volunteer  with LWFCI UK,

Do you have what it takes to inspire young people  and make a difference in your local community.

Join our friendly team of volunteers and do something positive for your community.Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you have to give.

Do you have what it takes to inspire young people

day care worker with child

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Exercise Dance

Are you  looking to loose weight  or  stay fit?

  • come join  our  Exercise fitness
  • Dance   for  woman  & girls
  • A  very friendly social groups

Get  fit and  shape  up  wit us  in  a  relaxed  environment No membership fees,come and  join  today!…let us  inspire  you  to  loose  weight, by making  friends  & stay...

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Right Track is a  Drug, Alcohol & Violence Prevention Programs. Right track programs are also run year-round in the community and world-wide through our partner churches and groups ,it’s not glamorous and it’s not popular, but youth offending is a massive problem in the UK.

In England and Wales, there are over 10,000 young people, aged 14 to 24, in prison right now. Young people and young adults also have one of the highest re-conviction rates of all offenders: 74% of young adults released from prison will reoffend within one year.
The problem is that most young offenders are trapped in an endless cycle of offending: they must not only convince others to give them a second chance, but they must also overcome their own self-doubt, fears, insecurities and negative habits...

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Destiny Children & Family Support Group

The project provides Tutorial Classes and Creative social activities for Children with Special Educational Needs and Support Group for families who have children with Autism, ADHD, speech and language, social, emotional or other special needs.The project will support Children by offering tutoring in English, Maths, Reading, Writing and creative activities to build confidence in social and communication trough creative learning and play. Tutorial will help children to boost their education and future learning opportunities to fulfill their full potential. Children will also have opportunity to socialize with other children in social play, music, dance and arts...
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Youth Connexion Centre is an educational and training centre for teenagers, adolescents and adults between the ages of 13-35. The people that fall within this age category will come from various demographics of life. The demographics must cover different social classes, cultures, and backgrounds.

We will support Disable people living locally, and will be helping ex-convicts get back to work by empowering them with applicable skills based on their interests and passions. In addition, this project will give its trainees opportunities to learn the various aspects of media, music, acting, drama, dance, as well as providing channels for guidance and everyday form of inspiration.

The aim of the centre would be to keep adolescents, teenagers, and some other adults that fall withi...

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Lay Witnesses for Christ International is Known as ‘Chaplains to World Champions.’ Over the past 35 years, we-have Had the opportunity to minister to, and Alongside, world-class athletes Including Olympic champions, dynamic pastors, ministry leaders exciting , world-class athletes, renowned coaches and so many more people-to-have a heart Who wears Their talents to see God glorified. We reach out globally using the world of sports in order to Positively impact others, Especially youth, with the life- saving message of Christ.
The Lord Grew the ministry of Lay Witnesses for Christ International around the world-have and we’ve come to Be Known ‘Chaplains to World’s Great Champions.’

HAS LWFCI and ministered Alongside with the world’s greatest athletes During the past seven ...

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Lay Witnesses for Christ International is known as ‘Chaplains to World Champions.

LWFCI was founded 35 years ago in the backyard of businessman and former athlete, Dr. Sam Mings and his wife, Sharon. Over the past 35 years, we have had the opportunity to minister to, and alongside, 1000s of world-class athletes; including many Gold Medalists, dynamic pastors, incredible ministries, renowned coaches and so many more individuals who have a passion to use their talents to see Christ exalted. We reach out globally utilizing His continued favor in the world of sports to positively impact others, especially the youths and adults, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a sport soul – winning ministry and reach out globally to the youth and local communities to positively impact others through ...

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