Youth Connexion Centre is an educational and training centre for teenagers, adolescents and adults between the ages of 13-35. The people that fall within this age category will come from various demographics of life. The demographics must cover different social classes, cultures, and backgrounds.

We will support Disable people living locally, and will be helping ex-convicts get back to work by empowering them with applicable skills based on their interests and passions. In addition, this project will give its trainees opportunities to learn the various aspects of media, music, acting, drama, dance, as well as providing channels for guidance and everyday form of inspiration.

The aim of the centre would be to keep adolescents, teenagers, and some other adults that fall within our scope of operation off the streets in order for them to be useful to themselves, their communities, and the society at large. The centre will offer mentoring and guidance programmes on how to achieve goals in a creative atmosphere, in order to make its trainees more purposeful and focused.

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