Destiny Children & Family Support Group

The project provides creative social activities for children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities and a Support Group for families who have children with Autism, ADHD, speech and language, social, emotional or other special needs.

The project supports children/young people by offering creative activities and games to build confidence in social communication through learning and play. We help children fulfil their potential by giving opportunities to socialise with other SEND children in social play, sensory activities, structured, leader organised games and arts and craft. The project enables parents, carers and siblings to meet occasionally for open topic discussion; sharing information showing support for one another while children attend our club, enjoying a social environment that is essential in building self esteem and social communication.

The Family Support Group offers opportunities to local parents, siblings and carers of children with special needs to have a short break to socialise and network, gain tips from others and share information to transform how we care for ourselves, each other, and our children. 

We believe with this project, parents/carers will network with each other, making new friendships, sharing the same common issues which in turn make a difference to their wellbeing and mental health knowing that the children are learning something positive in their group.

Creative social activities
Run every Monday
at Mountfield Community Centre
St Mary Cray BR5 3TU
Via Zoom on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm

The Family Support Group for parents/carers are a parent led forum which is free of charge.

Venue:  Bromley United Reform Church
Tel: 020 3583 3005
Mob: 0795 074 6544