What We do

We involve local communities directly in our mission as they are the direct beneficiary of our projects work where we support local people in need of our services and specially young people. We are aiming to disseminate messages on poverty and education, anti social behaviour targeted at Young People, Adults and Disadvantaged people .

Take an action now

You can get involved at Lay Witnesses For Christ International in many ways. We work to provide a better service for our people, Please participate and make a difference.

Sport Club

Do you like to play basketball or looking to try new sports? Join our new basketball team, learn basketball skills, advance ball- handling,  basketball dribbling, footwork, defense, team play, scoring moves and fun friendly indoors Basketball game.

Youth Club

Youth Connexion Centre is an educational and training centre for teenagers, adolescents and adults between the ages of 13-35. The people that fall within this age category will come from various demographics of life

Children with Special Needs

Class room for our Tutorial classes for Children with Special Educational Needs. A good start for LWFCI Tutorial in Bromley and, we look forward to a better future for our kids.

Reaching the children of today to impact the youth of tomorrow!

Founded by Sam and Sharon Mings, Lay Witnesses for Christ International is Known as ‘Chaplains to World Champions.’ Over the past 35 years, we-have Had the opportunity to minister to, and Alongside, world-class athletes Including Olympic champions, dynamic pastors, ministry leaders exciting , world-class athletes, renowned coaches and so many more people-to-have a heart Who wears Their talents to see God glorified. We reach out globally using the world of sports in order to Positively impact others, Especially youth, with the life- saving message of Christ.
The Lord Grew the ministry of Lay Witnesses for Christ International around the world-have and we’ve come to Be Known ‘Chaplains to World’s Great Champions.’

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