1Founded by Sam and Sharon Mings, Lay Witnesses for Christ International is Known as ‘Chaplains to World Champions.’ Over the past 35 years, we-have had the opportunity to minister to, and Alongside, world-class athletes Including Olympic champions, dynamic pastors, ministry leaders exciting , world-class athletes, renowned coaches and so many more people-to-have a heart Who wears Their talents to see God glorified. We reach out globally using the world of sports in order to Positively impact others, Especially youth, with the life- saving message of Christ.
The Lord Grew the ministry of Lay Witnesses for Christ International around the world-have and we’ve come to Be Known ‘Chaplains to World’s Great Champions.’

HAS LWFCI and ministered Alongside with the world’s greatest athletes During the past seven Summer Olympics host cities in The Following: [2012] London [2008] Beijing, China; [2004] Athens, Greece; [2000] Sydney, Australia; [1996] Atlanta, Georgia, USA; [1992] Barcelona, Spain; [1988] Seoul, South Korea; and the first Was During the Olympics in [1984] Los Angeles, California, USA.

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