Lay Witnesses for Christ International is known as ‘Chaplains to World Champions.

LWFCI was founded 35 years ago in the backyard of businessman and former athlete, Dr. Sam Mings and his wife, Sharon. Over the past 35 years, we have had the opportunity to minister to, and alongside, 1000s of world-class athletes (including many gold medalists), dynamic pastors, incredible ministries, renowned coaches and so many more individuals with passion to use their talents to see Christ exalted. We reach out globally utilizing His continued favor in the world of sports to positively impact others, especially the youths and adults, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a sport soul-winning ministry reaching out globally to the youth and local communities, to positively impact others through sport activities, outreach programs, employability skills, training, and the Right Track programs – Drug, Alcohol & Violence Prevention program to youths and adults.

The purpose of our organisation is to impact the world, inspire the communities, helping them to develop their talents and potentials thereby having a positive knock-on effect in transforming the community and helping people to have  better lives.

Our main activities are Sport Activities, Right Track programs (mentoring and counselling), Youth Connection and Training program for the community.

We involve local communities directly in our mission as they are the direct beneficiary of our projects work where we support local people in need of our services and specially young people. We are aiming to disseminate messages on poverty and education, anti social behavior targeted at Young People, Adults and Disadvantaged people .