Destiny Children & Family Support Group

Destiny Children & Family Support Group

The project provides Tutorial Classes and Creative social activities for Children with Special Educational Needs and Support Group for families who have children with Autism, ADHD, speech and language, social, emotional or other special needs.The project will support Children by offering tutoring in English, Maths, Reading, Writing and creative activities to build confidence in social and communication trough creative learning and play. Tutorial will help children to boost their education and future learning opportunities to fulfill their full potential. Children will also have opportunity to socialize with other children in social play, music, dance and arts.The project will also enable parents, carers and siblings to meet every week for open topics discussion and share information to support each other while children are attending tutorial classes and learn something positive in a social environment that is essential in building good self esteem and social communication.

The Family support group will offer opportunities to local parents, siblings and carers of children with special needs tohave a short break to socialize and network, lean new tips from others professionals, sharing information to transform how we care for ourselves, each other, and those children we care for.

We believe with this project, parent will be free to network with each others, share the same common issues to make difference knowing that the children are learning something positive in their group.

Tutorial Classes and Creative social activities runs every Monday and Wednesday from 5pm-7pm. (Cost:£2.50 per session per child.

Family Support Group for parents and carers runs on every Monday from 5-7pm. Free weekly sessions. (Parent led forum)

Venue: LWFCI-UK, Bromley URC, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley, BR1 1RY.

Contact Tel 020 3583 3005, Mob: 0795 074 6544,Email: info@

This project is Funded by People’s Health Trust,money raised byHealthWisdomthrough The Health Lottery,to address health inequalities in Lambeth, Southwark, Bromley, Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley. We appreciate their support.

We are looking forward to seeing many more people actively involved in this project and make an impact in our local community to support children with special needs and their families for a brighter future.






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